As part of The Compass Food Group, the world’s largest food service organization, Coley|Central Canteen Services will always have the latest technology and equipment.  Coley|Central Canteen Services was the first vending company in the area to offer credit/debit card readers on vending machines, along with providing customers SureVend technology on snack machines.

The best of both worlds–The dynamic partnership with The Compass Group has given Coley|Central Canteen Services and it’s customers a set of powerful advantages. As a result, our customers get the best of all possible worlds:

  • The purchasing power of a corporate conglomerate with the personal attention of a locally owned and operated company.
  • An inside edge on global trends in the vending industry.
  • Direct access to spectacular new programs and wide-ranging expertise.
  • The ability to standardize and/or plan food services nationwide–or worldwide.
  • The flexibility, fast response time and personal attention that only a privately owned company can offer.

“This alliance unites the creativity, flexibility and accessibility of Coley|Central Canteen Services with the vast resources and international market presence of The Compass Group and Canteen.”